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Terrace View Utility Undergrounding District (tentative and preliminary)


Please contact: 

Marvin Snow or Devi Dutta-Choudhury 

for more

Terrace View Utility Undergrounding District (UUD) information.

Contact Devi

The Four Phases of the Project

Phase 1:  Project Conception & Straw Poll
Anticipated Completion 2017/2019

Phase 1 is the project's current phase.  


The straw poll will measure the level of neighborhood support based on preliminary boundaries of the new utility district, parametric cost estimates, and financing arrangements. If the straw poll indicates adequate support, the project will advance to Phase 2.


If adequate support is not demonstrated in the straw poll, the project will not proceed. Your support is invited.

Phase 2: Professional Planning & Finance
Anticipated Completion 2020/2021


An engineering firm will be employed to perform work necessary to formally establish the scope, estimated total cost, assessment formulas for the District as well as individual assessments.  Funding for this activity is currently TBD and may require voluntary contributions that will later be credited to future assessments.


All property owners within the proposed district will vote on the establishment of the district. If this referendum results in a sufficiently favorable vote, the City will assign a Project Manager and the project will advance to Phase 3.


Phase 3: Design & Engineering
Anticipated Completion 2021/2022


Under the guidance of both PG&E's the City's Project Managers, design & engineering tasks will be assigned to various PG&E, City staff and/or consulting organizations.  This effort will produce the detailed project specifications and the construction contract bid documents. Subsequently, the project will enter Phase 4.


Phase 4: Construction
Anticipated Completion 2023/2024


After either PG&E or the City awards the construction contract(s) and has given "Notice to Proceed", the winning construction contractors will commence work under the guidance of PG&E and the City's construction manager. The construction and testing will proceed in accordance with approved schedules. Once the new underground system is installed and tested, it will be activated and the old aerial system deactivated and removed.  

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