Berkeley Citizens for Utility Undergrounding

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We invite you to check out our news blog for more information on  the events happening in our lovely county.  We share local safety, environmental, and other News and Reference materials for forming a Utility Undergrounding District in Berkeley. 



Greater Public Safety

Lower Maintenance & Operating Costs

  • Lower post-storm and fire restoration cost

  • Lower tree-trimming cost 

Greater Reliability

  • Greater reliability during severe weather

  • Less damage during severe weather allowing for faster service uptime

  • Less damage from lightning, animals, and tree branches

Improved Community Aesthetics

  • Removal of poles and wires

  • Healthier trees


Over 40 Berkeley UUDs have been formed and undergrounding completed. Many have been benefited from a sizable contribution from utility company Rule 20 funds. Others have been paid for with developer, other organization or government contributions.  Still, others have been funded largely by property owners themselves.


Several hundreds of your neighbors are participating members of BCUU. We invite you to join our organization.


The BCUU Steering Committee:


Kim-mai Cutler, Oliver Fross, Grant Cutler,

Devi Dutta-Choudhury, Marvin Snow, and Larry White